Member Benefits

Advancing a standard of excellence in tinnitus and sound sensitivity care

In our effort to promote audiologists as providers of care for these common conditions, it is very important that we also provide a framework for professional care, continuing education and support services which encourage our members to provide the excellence in standard of care that our patients deserve.


Come together with colleagues that have a common interest and expertise in the specialized field of tinnitus and sound sensitivity rehabilitation. Participate in webinars and discussion groups to share information, experiences and professional concerns. Participate in tinnitus related educational opportunities and facilitate student training.


Receive referrals from an organization that has established a certified network of professionals. The TPA promotes a certified network of practitioners to hearing related professionals, allied professionals, physicians and the public. The membership directory is available to anyone searching for specialized care via the TPA website. Specific requests are available with response from qualified audiologists. Members can connect their websites to the TPA.

Continuing education

All national/international tinnitus/ssd related continuing education opportunities are promoted. TPA sponsored Educational courses and conferences offer significant discounts to TPA members. When a TPA member has taken a TPA training course, that member is allowed to "re-take" the same course with no tuition charge an unlimited number of times.

Support services

Numererous support services are available to TPA members. Mentoring and professional support services are available to assist in implementation of services. Resources including forms, questionnaires, inventories, books, Professional and consumer education and marketing materials are available for free or minimal costs.

Product information

TPA Sound Solutions is a program designed to provide up to date sound therapy product information to TPA members. Manufacturers of sound therapy products are encouraged to participate through TPA webinar presentations, advertising, TPA course and conference presentations and joint marketing programs. Manufacturers offer significant discounts or promotional offers to the members of the TPA on a regular basis.

Research, legislation and advocacy

As a concerned group, we can advocate for our patients by creating a greater voice for professional and public awareness of tinnitus/ssd rehabilitation, move the legislative process in favor of our professional goals and support the efforts of ongoing research.